Saturday, January 5, 2008

Isn't Slavery Illegal?

2007 wasn't such a hot year for me financially.

I had a temporary transcription account with a local Internal Medicine practice, but they kept reminding me that they were going to switch over to "electronic medical records" soon, which is precisely how I've lost my last 4 accounts. Sure 'nuff, come September, my fanny had a big old boot print on it as they kicked me out the door.

At first, I just tried to get a decent job.

A month later, I just tried to get ANY job. I went from making $25 an hour to applying as a minimum wage hack at a gas station. And STILL couldn't get hired.

Another month later, I was brushing up on my bank robbery skills because the bills were piling up and the bank account was dwindling. I started living by credit card. The fact that Christmas was coming was a joke. If I couldn't pay the house payment, I sure as heck couldn't fill stockings with gifts. Fortunately, my kids understood.

Finally, the planets aligned and the gods were smiling upon me. Not only was I offered a job, it was another work-from-home medical transcription job. YAY! Unfortunately, there were a bunch of delays and I didn't start working for them for yet another month. Finally, though, I started. It's a dream job. But let's face it, any job where I don't have to strap a brassiere around my dirty pillows is a good job.

The only problem is that they seem to have misplaced my paycheck. Again. I've worked there for four weeks and I've yet to see a single dime. And the boss is on the ski slopes stranded in Tahoe until the blizzard clears.

Looks like I whip out the old credit card once again.


  1. You have become a slave to your work while I am a slave to my school work!
    "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy..."
    (By the way, I love the "dirty pillows" reference-- Carrie, by Stephen King! SKEEMERS rule!)

  2. Uh, Houston, this seems like a problem.