Sunday, January 6, 2008

Desperate for the New Season

After last month's mega-cliffhanger ending on Desperate Housewives, I've waited and waited to see what would happen to poor Lynnette's husband and children.

Considering the havoc that the writers' strike has wreaked with the TV schedule, I thought ABC was pretty savvy with the way they were able to end the season early and still manage to leave viewers saying "ohmigod! What do you think happened??" Most of the TV shows that have had the forced hiatus have ended up just dropping the episodes where they were. And to be honest, I don't care if I catch up with them or not once the strike is over.

But I couldn't wait to take a return trip to Wisteria Lane, just to find out who croaked.

I was thrilled to discover that tonight would be a new episode of Desperate Housewives. According to (man, I love that site), it's apparently the last new episode for the foreseeable future. So why did those fools clear up every bit of the cliffhanger all in the first 5 minutes?

Now that Penny poked her head out of the rubble, followed by Parker, Porter, Preston and Kayla (is that her name? I can't quite remember) and finally Tom, I'm not the least bit anxious to find out what happens next. Everything has already happened. Why in the world didn't they save this episode for next season?


Well, I'll still watch. I just won't be manic about it.

Just hurry up and bring back the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815!

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