Monday, January 9, 2012

The Road to Fatsville is Paved With Good Intentions

I was gonna be good, I swear.  

I had spent a whopping seven(!) hours doing some major housework.  I had miraculously transformed a disaster zone into a beautiful, nearly pristine bedroom all by myself.  I craved a naughty fast food meal, and I deserved it!  But no...I'll be good.

So, I go to the kitchen.  I get out one of my "salad in a jar" specialties (hmm...I totally need to write about my experience with "salad in a jar").  I grab a cucumber, some carrots, an apple, and a jar of fat free dressing.  I'm slicing and dicing my way to a healthy meal.  I'm being so damn good!

But then, Heather comes upstairs.  She and I have had a rough day spent trying to see who was the bigger bullhead (it's a tie).  So, how can I possibly resist when she says, "wanna go with me to get some grub?"

That's how my Weight-Watchers 1-point "Good Intentions" dinner

turned into

a belly-busting 24-point reality.  (But at least the drink was diet, right??)

In the end, I got to spend some much-needed time laughing with Heather, so it was totally worth matter what the nasty Wii Fit bitch says tomorrow morning while I weigh myself.   

And I have that salad all ready for my lunch tomorrow.

Friday, January 6, 2012


As if my unsatisfied taste buds didn't already make it clear, my belly is screaming with the borborygmi of hunger pangs.

Such is the life of a dieting computer-chair potato ('cause I never make it to the couch).

I decided to get serious regarding my efforts with Weight Watchers with the beginning of the year.  Last year when I was tracking my "points," I was rarely hungry.  I didn't even mind cutting way down on my fast food feasts.  Oh, but last month when I went on an all-out food-fest, I must have corrupted all of my willpower.  Now, every night, I'm scouting the cupboards for those elusive 0-point treats because I've already reached my quota by dinnertime.  Let me tell ya, eating a can of green beans at 11 p.m. is just not what I'd call "a treat."  Well, maybe if they were those amazing deep-fried green beans that T.G.I.Fridays sells, but when they come straight out of the can, they're just about as tasteless as their calorie count would indicate.

But I'm determined.  I've lost 45 pounds...and gained back 8 of 'em.  It's time to get that scale moving in the right direction, even if it means convincing my brain that green beans are a treat.  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Checks and Balances

Sometimes, it's just the little things that make me smile.

Like trying to balance my checkbook at almost midnight...and it came out to the cent.  

Now if only there was any money left over so I could buy myself something to celebrate the achievement.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Months?

My last blog post was in January!!  That was January from a frickin' year ago.  What the heck happened?  Was there some sort of time warp that made me miss the last 11 months? was just the usual thing.  Life got in the way.  Or, to be more specific - teenagers, work, friends, and housework got in the way.  Sheesh.

I used to love to blog.  I made so many friends from keeping an online journal (yes, Andi, I'm talking about YOU!).  So why would I slack off from something I enjoyed so much?  Pure laziness.  Just call me Queen Procrastinator.  

A year ago, I was freshly starting a new Weight Watchers diet.  To everyone's surprise (mostly mine), I stuck with it.  I'm proud to say that I waddle just a little bit less when I walk nowadays.  I lost 47 pounds...and gained back 8 of 'em.  So here I am, new year, but same resolution.  I'm back to tracking my points.  Hopefully, I can get that Wii Fit Bitch to stop groaning and saying "That's Oh-beeese!" when she weighs me every morning. 

I made some other small but surprising changes, too.

For the first time in my 43 years of slovenly living, I decided to start making my bed.  Like, every morning.  Sure, when I have a pretty girl sleeping in it, I decide to wait to make the bed until she finally wakes up for the day, but once my four-legged girlfriend finally stretches, purrs, and crawls out of bed to head for the litter box, I spend a minute or so making the bed look gorgeous.  I'm at 27 days in a row.  There is hope for my fellow slob-sisters everywhere!

One of the highlights of my year was having my dear friends, Michelle and Jim (and their daughter, Tessa) come to visit from Philadelphia.  It was a week of lots of food, a bit of sight-seeing, a few Yu-Gi-Oh/Magic card games, and lots of "I want to see Marvin the Martian!" comments from the little one.  

In the middle of the year, my work clientele practically exploded.  I went from having two offices (8 doctors) to having six offices (21 doctors!).  I've had to hire several more workers and things are going great.  My mortgage company probably has a heart attack every month when I actually pay a couple of hundred bucks extra on the house payment.  

Most surprising of all was that I gave up Facebook.  The changes they made in September or so were just so damn annoying and I hated wasting my time trying to maneuver the site to read what my friends wrote.  Try as I might to get friends to join Google+ (which seems to work just exactly the way Social Media should), very few would make the leap.  The irony is that everyone said "I don't want to go to Google+ because nobody is there"...but nobody is there because nobody wants to go there until other people are there.  Hmmph.  I was recently coerced into coming back to Facebook...but just on a limited basis.  Basically, I have time to make a quick post and glance to see if anyone has written anything interesting.  But I refuse to jump hurdles to read posts, so basically, I'm becoming a "status updater" instead of a "commenter."  I guess if my friends want me to read their updates, they'll have to post on Google+ where it is easy to read.  It sucks, but I only have so much time to goof off and FB just makes it too hard to get to the good stuff.

Anyway...we're back to a new year and that means hopefully updating this old blog more than once every 12 months.