Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Her Rite of Passage

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. My daughter is a teenager and that means she's gonna do it. After all, most teenagers Beth's age do it, right?

I know. But it doesn't mean I WANT her to do it. I certainly know I'm not ready for her to do it.

She says she'll be careful.

And I know she will. But I still don't want her to do it. I'm scared she'll get hurt.

She's still my little baby girl, so how can she possibly be ready for this huge milestone?

But no matter how much I want her to wait, it's time for her to grow up.

It's time for her to drive.

Yep, little baby Beth isn't so little anymore. She came back from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles today with a shiny new driver's license.

All of those weeks of practicing the maneuverability test (parallel parking) paid off. Not only did she pass that portion without any points taken off, she passed the regular part of the driving test with a perfect score as well.

Tonight, she took her first solo drive. She went from our garage all the way to the church for Youth Group and back. Not a single scratch. Yep, I checked.


Okay, Beth, do you suppose you could stop growing up so fast now??

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  1. "Nevah!" to quote the infamous words of Evil-Heather. But, i can't stop getting older, I must move on despite how scary it is... at least keep in mind that I'll have you to save me if I screw up! :)
    Love you Mom!