Monday, January 9, 2012

The Road to Fatsville is Paved With Good Intentions

I was gonna be good, I swear.  

I had spent a whopping seven(!) hours doing some major housework.  I had miraculously transformed a disaster zone into a beautiful, nearly pristine bedroom all by myself.  I craved a naughty fast food meal, and I deserved it!  But no...I'll be good.

So, I go to the kitchen.  I get out one of my "salad in a jar" specialties (hmm...I totally need to write about my experience with "salad in a jar").  I grab a cucumber, some carrots, an apple, and a jar of fat free dressing.  I'm slicing and dicing my way to a healthy meal.  I'm being so damn good!

But then, Heather comes upstairs.  She and I have had a rough day spent trying to see who was the bigger bullhead (it's a tie).  So, how can I possibly resist when she says, "wanna go with me to get some grub?"

That's how my Weight-Watchers 1-point "Good Intentions" dinner

turned into

a belly-busting 24-point reality.  (But at least the drink was diet, right??)

In the end, I got to spend some much-needed time laughing with Heather, so it was totally worth matter what the nasty Wii Fit bitch says tomorrow morning while I weigh myself.   

And I have that salad all ready for my lunch tomorrow.


  1. Yes, please do share your salad-in-a-jar idea!

    That looks like a small salad, by the way. I'd inhale it in two gulps.

    But anyway, you're trying, D. You're allowed to tumble off the wagon a time or two. Or fifteen... heh, heh.

    Bullheads unite!

  2. I LOVE salad. I mean, I really love salad. Mine are even fairly healthy (i.e., not with a fatty dressing), though I do need the crunch of croutons. But when I make a salad, it's not an itty bitty one. This is a salad bowl that I think was intended as a "family serving bowl" for salad, but it's what I use just for me.

    Here's a picture of a regular salad bowl and MY salad bowl side by side:


  3. Dang it! Did you get my comments?

    (reirueighert frick)

  4. Ah-HAH.

    Hah! Now that's more like it.

    I love salad, too. It makes my body sing from both ends.

  5. "Salad makes my body sing from both ends..."

    Thanks, a helluva lot, Miss just made me laugh and snort at the same time. Now I've gotta wipe coffee off my keyboard. Harrumph!!