Friday, January 6, 2012


As if my unsatisfied taste buds didn't already make it clear, my belly is screaming with the borborygmi of hunger pangs.

Such is the life of a dieting computer-chair potato ('cause I never make it to the couch).

I decided to get serious regarding my efforts with Weight Watchers with the beginning of the year.  Last year when I was tracking my "points," I was rarely hungry.  I didn't even mind cutting way down on my fast food feasts.  Oh, but last month when I went on an all-out food-fest, I must have corrupted all of my willpower.  Now, every night, I'm scouting the cupboards for those elusive 0-point treats because I've already reached my quota by dinnertime.  Let me tell ya, eating a can of green beans at 11 p.m. is just not what I'd call "a treat."  Well, maybe if they were those amazing deep-fried green beans that T.G.I.Fridays sells, but when they come straight out of the can, they're just about as tasteless as their calorie count would indicate.

But I'm determined.  I've lost 45 pounds...and gained back 8 of 'em.  It's time to get that scale moving in the right direction, even if it means convincing my brain that green beans are a treat.  


  1. It's been a week since being on the diet again.

    I've been too damn hungry for seven days to have only lost a half pound. Grr!

    Starving women are bitchy women!

  2. Hm, now that I've figured this out...

    Just had to say that the green bean treat is hilarious.

    You can do eet, D.