Monday, October 18, 2010

Twilight Dreams

Two years ago, mom offered to make me a quilt.  All I had to do was pick a pattern and chose some colors and she’d do the hard stuff.  Am I lucky, or what?

What I didn’t realize was how hard it would be to find a pattern I liked.  I’m not a “traditional quilt” kind of girl and the concept of “scrap quilting” drives my brain bonkers.  I like things neat and organized and orderly (and for those of you who have seen my housekeeping abilities…hush!).

I scoured mountains of quilting magazines and books, and then I found the one I wanted.  It had the rather boring name of “Strips and Strings” or something like that.  But I fell in love with the picture.  It’s basically just a quilt that starts off in ivory/pale lavender and radiates darker towards the edges.

So, Mom started gathering material in varying shades of purple.

This is the center of the quilt.  

See all those strips?  
They become the individual blocks of the quilt.  I watched my mom make this thing from start to finish and I STILL can’t figure out how she could take a bunch of solid pieces of material and create this masterpiece.  She’s a quilting genius, I tell ya!


A few more of the darker strips going on the quilt.

The top is done!   
Since the only place big enough to pin together a queen-size quilt is the middle of our living room floor…down Mom goes to her hands and knees.  It’s awfully nice that Harmony and Melody are there to help. 


And of course, Harmony wants to help hand-sew the binding on the quilt, too.  (Melody’s there, too, but you can’t see her because she’s our “tunneling” cat and she’s buried herself under the quilt by Mom’s feet.)


And here it is…Twilight Dreams.   

Gorgeous doesn’t begin to describe it.  It’s ALMOST worth cleaning my room and making my bed occasionally just so I can admire it. 


  1. I think you made a fine choice and it was a work of love making the quilt especially for you. You do so much for me and this quilt is just a drop in the bucket of payment for all you do. Enjoy!

  2. I saw this while at work today. It's the most beautiful quilt I've ever seen. I know you said the photos don't do it justice (which makes sense, photos rarely do), but wow. Just wow. Your mom rocks. (Sherry, you rock!)

    I love the photo where Sherry's sitting in an "oh, I'm so pooped out" pose on the quilt.

  3. I wasn't pooped, I was just looking at the quilt top and trying to decide how to quilt it. That's always the hardest part for me, deciding how to quilt and what color thread.

  4. If you weren't "pooped," then why did you smell like that? LOL!! (Yes, you raised me to be this evil.)

  5. Absolutely beautiful! The colors are stunning.

  6. That quilt is very beautiful! DiAnne, you need to stand in a corner!

    RoseRed, yes, the colors are really stunning!

    Maybe I can do that someday!