Friday, April 2, 2010

Covering my Assets

Last week, I finally bought my Barnes and Noble Nook eReader.  I was thrilled, but it didn't take long for me to realize that without a cover of some sort, it was just not practical to take anywhere.  

I searched the Internet and found a few nice covers.  Then I went to and my search ended.  They have custom-made journals and eReader covers in about 20 different designs. The first one I saw was called "Tree of Life" and I fell in love. I balked at the price, but I just couldn't get it out of my head.  I showed Mom, fully realizing that she thought the Nook was a waste of money and she'd talk me out of spending even more moolah on a cover.  Nope.  She took one look and said "It's gorgeous!  Happy birthday!"  I ordered it that night.

Since they are custom made and they wouldn't receive the order until Monday, they said to expect the cover to ship between 14 to 21 days after ordering.  So...I still had the Nook that couldn't really be carried anywhere because the screens would get damaged floating around in my purse.  Mom to the rescue.  She's a whiz with the sewing machine, so I asked if she could make some sort of sleeve for it.  As usual, she took a rough idea and made something perfect.  Not only did she let me pick the fabric, but she quilted it with a cushioning layer of batting and even took the tattered cover off of an old junk book to reinforce the front of the cover so nothing could poke the screen.  She rocks.


The day after she made the cover, I got the email saying "it's been shipped!"  Yeah...a mere 4 days after ordering, the item was already in transit.  I received it today.

The front cover is gorgeous.  They created a custom pewter button to hold the cover closed (and even sent a matching charm for free).  The leather is incredibly thick and they even say there is no problem with folding it completely back - something I'd never do for fear of it cracking if they hadn't assured me it was okay.

This is one of their "wrap-around" designs which makes it just as gorgeous on the back as the front.  


The Nook looks like it is barely being held in place, but Oberon has a video showing their "shake test" and trust me, it's secure.


I feel bad that Mom went to all of the work to make me a sleeve that I only used for one day.  She's already been hired (for the price of "eternal love and back scratches") by Beth to make a netbook cover because Beth was so impressed.  


  1. Gorgeous cover! My sister and brother-in-law have a reader -- I'll have to send them the link. :D

  2. Frugal Darling - I meant to respond earlier...totally forgot (no surprise there), but the email notification regarding your comment was still in my "pending" inbox for me to respond. Some day I'll have all the time I need to do all the things I want! LOL

    Anyway, did your sister end up getting a cover for her ereader? I just bought a Nook for Heather for Christmas and we got a cover from OberonDesign for her, too. She liked the "singing wolf" in chocolate color which is gorgeous. There's certainly nothing frugal about it, but sometimes beautiful things are worth the extra money.

  3. I love these covers! I just have a regular B&N storebought leather cover. I need to treat my nooky better! lol