Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nookie Time

I bought my B&N Nook ereader in March.  That has resulted in a couple of changes in my life:

  1. I no longer read magazines in the bathroom.
  2. I no longer buy books (Nook lets me download ebooks from the library).
  3. My TiVo queue has grown quite extensive as I prefer reading to watching TV.
  4. I don't mind standing in line at the grocery store at all...it just means I get to read a page or two in my book.

But being the gadget guru, I'm always looking for the newest/best gadget out there.

After months of anticipation, Barnes and Noble finally announced the new version of their Nook ereader today.

Rumors were that it was going to be everything I wanted:
  • 7 inches (instead of the 6 of the original Nook)
  • Full color e-ink screen (instead of original black & white e-ink)
  • Portrait or landscape mode (instead of just portrait)
  • Full screen touchscreen (instead of just the 1-inch strip at the bottom)
Well, it didn't matter that my Nook was functioning perfectly well.  I knew I had to have it.  I planned to drive to Akron to pick it up as soon as it was available.

Today, they presented the new Nook Color.  What was announced was everything in the rumors...except...it is an LCD screen instead of color e-ink.

 NOOKcolor screen

Nobody who has ever read on an e-ink screen will ever read books on an LCD screen.  First, you can't even see the screen if the sun is out.  Second, LCD screens flicker hundreds of times a minute...you just don't notice it, but your eyes do.  That's why computer work gives folks headaches.  

 Here's a microscope view of an LCD screen versus an e-ink screen:

Here's a magnified view of an iPad LCD screen


 And here it is on an e-ink screen

Plus, you can't read a book out in the sun on an LCD screen.  Go ahead, look at your camera or cell phone and try reading when the son is glaring on the screen.  On e-ink displays...no problem.

So, the bad news is that Nook Color is LCD.
But the good news is that since it is LCD instead of e-ink, I save $250.

So, no new Nookie for me.  I'd like to have color, but since I mostly read novels, black and white is just fine.  I will miss having the landscape orientation, though.  Sometimes, it's just nicer having the display wider than it is long.


  1. Yes! I love it when you do these kind of posts. And I always wondered what the difference was between an LCD and an e-ink display screen.

    No nookie. Hah!

  2. If there is anyone in the world who needs a Nook more than I do...it's you. So much easier to read than a paperback or hardback. Instant library downloads of free ebooks that never have any late fees. Never without a book.

    The black & white version is $150 and I used to spend that much money on books to read in just a couple of months. Get one!!