Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gonna Have Nookie in Bed Tonight!

Given my severe lack of anything resembling a sex life, there are only three things that give me pleasure these days (kids notwithstanding):
1.  Books.
2.  Technology.
3.  Food.

So, of course, when the eBook readers came out, I started looking at them.  They were ridiculously expensive, too large to slip in a pocket, and the books were overpriced (between $10 and $20 no matter how long the books were available as cheap paperbacks).  

I decided to go ahead and just use my cell phone as an eBook reader.  Cool.  It covers #1 (Books) and #2 (Technology) perfectly.  Sit there reading a story while munching on a bag of Fritos and I hit the trifecta!

I've been happy...except for the cost of the books, of course. 


But then, I discovered that Ohio's public libraries offer free eBook loans.  Woo hoo!!  About 10% of their selection are available as .mobi books (which you can put on any smartphone).  Yay!!  But it didn't take me long to realize that most of the books I really wanted to read were in ePub format, which would require reading on my computer (not gonna happen) or purchasing either a Sony Reader or a Barnes and Noble Nook reader.  After checking them out, the Sony Readers are really junkie.  The Nook is awesome, but overpriced ($258).

So the devil on my shoulder sat there whispering in my ear.  "You know, you read a book every two weeks or so.  Since these books are free, that savings over buying $10 books every two weeks would pay for that Nook reader."  I never gave the angel on my other shoulder time to talk sense into me.

I drove up to Akron yesterday and bought it.  It's amazing!!  It does the eBooks and periodicals, of course, but it also displays my pictures, plays music and best of all, plays audiobooks.  It's still a little large for me, (about the height and weight of a paperback, but much thinner) but I'll get used to it.  

Here's a shot of King's Under the Dome on my cell phone and as a hardcover.  Since I've already read it, I pulled up a different story (James Patterson) on the Nook for comparison.  


The Nook is perfectly viewable no matter how bright the sun is shining on it which is awesome and that's one of the problems I've had with my cell phone.  It doesn't have a backlight which is a bummer, but I can always clip a light onto the Nook.  

So tonight, I'm gonna enjoy some Nookie in bed!

I just found the most amazing leather cover for it online...more about that another day.


  1. Hey you!! That nook cover is like the condom for your nookie! HA!

  2. You and your daughter are sick, sick, sick! Don't know where you get it from.

  3. I have Under the Dome on my wishlist. I soooo need to buy that and read it. I NEED too! Ha!

  4. I collect Stephen King books (I'm talking a MAJOR collection) and loved most of his stories, but I think the past decade has been a total disappointment.

    "Under the Dome" has been one of his few really great stories over the past ten years. I hope you like it! I read it on my cell phone before I got a Nook, and the story was so good, I didn't even mind hitting the page button about 3,000 times to change pages. LOL