Thursday, March 4, 2010

She's Driving Me Crazy

Bugs scare me.  Climbing more than 5 rungs on a ladder sends shivers down my spine.  Getting a letter from the IRS could make me wet my pants.  

But none of those is  more terrifying than teaching my 16-year-old to drive.  Wait...that's a bit of a misnomer.  I'm not teaching her anything.  I'm sitting beside her in a 4,000-pound lethal weapon white-knuckling my grip on the oh-shit handle while stomping on the imaginary brakes while screaming "look out! Too close!! AHHH!" while she calmly rolls her eyes and keeps muttering "you've gotta trust me sometime..."

When I say I'm terrified teaching Heather to drive, it's not an exaggeration.  She's had her permit for a year and has only been driving probably 10 times in that timeframe, all because I'm too scared to take her.

I just saw that Honda has a driving simulator.  You they have for pilots, but this is intended for cars.  Why haven't they been doing this for new drivers for years?  Instead, they just let kids get behind the wheel and give their parents heart attacks. 

  The all-new Honda automobile driving simulator is something all secondary schools should l...

I think insurance companies should pay the $66,000 and put one of these in every town.  Let kids learn to drive before they actually start driving.  And save me from needing a heart transplant.

Meanwhile, Heather just set up her appointment to finally have her first in-car driving lesson with the instructor at Frenzel's.  I hope they take their heart medication.

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  1. Oogie had to refer ME to a driving instructor because she couldn't take my awful driving. And I WAS awful. But she had absolutely no patience. Both of our lives were much better with a stranger's life in jeopardy. :-)