Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Too Busy to Read

To say I've been busy is an understatement. I'm working my butt off (unfortunately, that sentence indicates how much time my butt has been spent in my desk chair, NOT how much time it has been movin' and groovin' to the Wii Fit game).

To give an inkling as to truly how busy I have been, I recently decided to trim my bangs. I've done this a zillion times. This time, however, I decided that I didn't want to take the time to put in my contact lenses. I realized quickly that I couldn't evenly trim my bangs with my glasses in the way. So I took off my glasses.
Ummm...not a good idea. Pictures will NOT be forthcoming. Thank God I work at home and nobody has to see my crooked bangs.

So, after working so much, I have one small bit of enjoyment at the end of the day. As I crawl under the covers, I flip on my bed light and grab the book off the nightstand. Per orders from Andi (and under threat of death by Beth), I've started reading the Twilight series. I'm halfway through the third book.

Last night, I decided to ditch the desk chair early and I was between the sheets shortly before midnight. I looked forward to at least an hour of Bella and Jacob and Edward lusciousness. I read a few pages and realized that I must be a lot more tired than I expected. I wasn't able to keep anything straight in my head. I reread the previous paragraph and then went on to the next page again...and it still didn't make sense.

A quick glance ahead brought doom to my bedtime ritual...not only had 32 pages from earlier in the book been duplicated, but 32 pages had also been omitted. ARRGH!! Evil vampires must have infiltrated the printing press JUST to keep me from finding out how Bella liked her present from Edward.

I'm off to Sam's Club to exchange this. No guarantees that I won't read the book while driving home. Yeah, I'm THAT desperate.


  1. *GASP* That is just pure EVIL! I can't believe it... Have you checked the library?

  2. Hah! Ohmigod, this is like one of the bestest parts.

    Don't you just love Edward to death (har)? I want my own brooding vampire...

    Can't wait to read what you think of Breaking Dawn. Don't you dare editorialze, either.

  3. Beth - Drat. The library is all out of that particular book. Damn. All these stupid teenage girls are reading nowadays. Can't they just get back to their video games and cell phones and leave the books to me??

  4. Unhinged - Edward...oh, Edward. He just totally rocks. Beth just can't seem to understand why I'm not into Bella. Well, that's quite simple...Beth IS Bella. Same grades, same classes, same virginity (oh God, I hope so, anyway!). They both think they aren't worthy of the love of a good guy. So no, I'm not into Bella. Now Alice, on the other hand...

  5. I have the PDF of want it?

    (Yep. I'm nuts.)

    I don't get Bella so much, either. I mean, she's an interesting character, but Edward's the one who really interests me. He's the one making all the sacrifices and going through hell...when Bella refers to him as "angel" I totally get it.

    The hardest part about reading the books, though, is swallowing the idea of a 17-year-old girl seeming as sophisticated as Bella does. It's to IMPOSSIBLE.


    Let me know if I should send the PDF. Hell, maybe I'll send it anyway.

  6. Well?


    (Don't EVEN tell me you fell asleep during this part.)



  7. I swear to Al Yankovich (or however he spells his name), I will NEVER send you a pirated copy of ANYthihng. EVER. If you do not spill and lemmeno what you thought.

    Good or bad, dammit.

    Good or bad.

    All work and no play makes blah, blah, blah.

  8. ::hanging my head in shame:::

    I know! I've had so many entries to write and no time to write them.

    That being said...I'm deep into the Twilight saga. I started book 4 two days ago and Bella just got married!! OMG!! (Crap. First I read "teenage literature" and now I'm typing in acronyms like a teenager.)

    Entry to come. Pinkie promise.

    BTW, Alice is so damn hot. I want her. Now. She can suck my neck anytime.