Wednesday, November 12, 2008

K-Tel Memories

When I was a kid, the best part of the week was Saturday mornings. Dad would take one of us kids to the L&K Restaurant for breakfast. It was one of those great old diners that had a mini-jukebox on every table.

As I grew older and started to finally "get" all of the dirty jokes that were bandied about at school, I learned about the jukebox game. Basically, Dad and I would sit at the table waiting for the pancakes and bacon to arrive, and we'd pick out songs from the jukebox and see how we could turn a nice, wholesome song into something dirty by added "between the sheets" after the title.

Tonight, Beth and I were snooping through an old box of 8-track tapes. Yeah, 8-tracks. I've still got 'em. I can't play 'em, but these plastic boxes of history aren't gonna get buried in my landfill while I'm alive.

So, Beth and I started going through the songs. We came up with a few fun ones:

The Isley Brothers - "If You Can't Be With the One You Love, Love the One You're With" (between the sheets).

Barry White - "I've Got So Much to Give" (between the sheets).

Barry Manilow - "Looks Like We Made It" (between the sheets).

For the rather well-endowed fellows, they have:
Olivia Newton-John - "Deeper Than the Night" (between the sheets).

And for those who got the (ahem) short end of the stick, we have:
The Sweet - "Little Willy" (between the sheets).

And for those lonely souls who buy Duracell by the case, we've got:
The Beach Boys - "Good Vibrations" (between the sheets).

So, these were the ones that we grabbed from just a couple of random 8-tracks collecting dust in my garage. Got any other titles that would be good?


  1. I remember those 8 tracks so well. Thought they were wonderful until you played them a couple of times and then they were distorted and sounded awful. And they took up so much space! Sure made cassettes look good. Oldsters tested a lot of junk so this generation has good stuff to use.

  2. I remember 8 Tracks, yes indeedy. Oogie had a ton of them. I really had to shove those suckers into the slot hard...

    She had Neil Diamond...and that's the only one I really remember. There are quite a few songs that would work well *between the sheets*.

    What Will I Do (between the sheets)

    At Night (between the sheets)

    I Got the Feelin' (between the sheets)

    I'm A Believer (between the sheets)

    Kentucky Woman (between the sheets)

    Done Too Soon (between the sheets) Hah! that's a good one

    I miss listening to Neil Diamond....