Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spending Spree...The grand finale

My last of the grand purchases arrived yesterday.

Say hello to my new best friend: Tivo.

Wait a minute...surely I've mentioned my love affair with Tivo before, right? Oh yeah. The little guy entered my life in 2003, several years before cable companies decided to rent out their inferior generic DVR models (from what I hear, the difference between Tivo and the cable company's generic DVR is like the difference between a Prime Rib and a Big Mac. Sure, they'll both feed you, but if you want to enjoy the process, go for the good stuff).

Well, a few months ago when I bought the spiffy new flat screen HD TV for the family room, I just knew I was gonna spring for the newest TiVo model to go along with it, because the other four (yeah, four!) TiVo boxes I have don't do High Def TV.

My brand-spankin new Tivo HD XL arrived yesterday in all of it's Bloop-bloop-bloop glory. The fact that it records in HD is just one of the big features.

Heather is in Heaven because now she can watch YouTube videos from the couch.

What was first on the Tivo Queue? "Candy Mountain."

If you're not a teenager, you just won't understand. Unicorns, dinosaurs, and kidney-stealing Sesame Street letters with legs. I recommend you empty a couple of glasses of alcohol before watching.

Plus, you can download your Netflix Queue movies directly to the Tivo and play them on the TV. Yeah baby!! Start popping the corn, I know where I'm gonna be this weekend! Wii Fit be damned, I wanna turn into a couch potato!

But the best thing about the new Tivo HD XL is the recording capactiy.
Here's a screen shot of the Tivo that's currently residing in my office:\

It says at "basic quality" you can record up to 79 hours of TV. You'd think that was a lot, but considering how many days (or even weeks) go by before I get a chance to watch TV, you'd be amazed at how fast that thing fills up, especially since we do "high quality" for most recordings.

But the new box has a slightly higher capacity.

Yeah, that says it will hold 1,367 hours (compared with 79). You know what that means...Scrubs Marathon!!

Oh crap. I've gotta work. The couch potato marathon will just have to wait for the weekend.

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  1. Uh, yeah. That Candy Mountain vid had me gagging at the second whine of Charrrrrrlie.

    Knew your kids were nuts.

    Congrats on the new TIVO, you spoiled brat!