Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Being Monitored

I knew exactly what I wanted to get my dad for Christmas. While he's not a technophobe, he's not exactly on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to his computer, either. It was about 8 years ago that he bought his first computer and it came with a 15-inch CRT monitor. He's used that thing ever since.

Since his eyesight isn't the greatest, he has his computer resolution set as low as possible so he can have BIG enough words that he can see. Reading a web-based newspaper article on his computer can wear you out from all the left and right scrolling.

So, I ask my brother if he'd like to get him a new monitor. Dad's computer desk has a hutch with a small spot for the monitor. I debated buying a 19-inch LCD or going up to the 22-inch LCD. I finally opted for the bigger one because Dad's handy and he can make anything work. Sure, he'd have to cut into the hutch and probably install some brackets since the monitor was too large for the current space, but that's okay. He'd finally be able to see.

Later, when we discussed it, Brian said "just give him the smaller one, that way he doesn't have to mess with it." Hmmm. That made sense. After all, the 19-inch was still significantly bigger than what he had previously. Okay.

I still had the receipt and the monitor was still packed up and ready to go. I planned to take it back to Sam's Club during my next trip there so we could exchange it.

Then, the hamster wheel in my head started to turn. I went to Mom and suggested that she take the new 22-inch one and we give Dad hers. Now, that sounds awful, I know, but Mom had just bought hers a few months ago. We still had the box, and they were both just fine. It would save me a trip and it would get Mom a bigger monitor, which she could really use now that she was working on her computer for 8 hours a day sometimes.

We did the old switcheroo and everyone was happy.

Then Dad got it home and said, "it's so small!" What?? How can that be? His old smaller monitor practically filled the space. That's when he reminded me that he had speakers and a huge surge protector jammed in beside it. Oh. So, he wondered how much it would cost to return this one and get a bigger one. Crap.

Well, hell. I decided to just bite the bullet and I'll buy him the bigger one and I'll keep this 19-inch. Which is what I did. He's thrilled with the new 22-inch job and says it fits like a glove and looks like it was made just for the spot.

He just called and asked if he could take me out to eat this weekend up in Canton...that way we could return the 19-inch monitor. Oh, crappety crap!! He asked if I still have the receipt. Yepper, it's just, ummm, like several months old, and now it is too late to return it, but HE doesn't need to know that.

It'll be interesting what happens when I get to the Returns Desk with Dad and they say "you can't return this!"


  1. Okay, this is one of my pet peeves...a gift is a GIFT, no? The receiver should never complain about a gift--not only is it in bad taste, it negates the purpose of a gift in the first place. Sheesh!

    Okay, rant over.

    Tell Dad it's none of his bidness what you do with the 19".


  2. You should write an update of what your devious plans have morphed into!

  3. It's not that Dad's eyesight isn't the greatest, it's really very good for a geezer pushing 70. The problems is that he is too vain to wear glasses. All in all, I think you handled the "problem" quite well. I also know where you inherited the "devious gene". Not from the Mosley clan!