Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to Make Your Own Charcoal

I'm a busy mama in the mornings. So it is with the utmost disregard for authority that I usually totally ignore the "do not leave toaster unattended" warning on the Pop Tarts box.

So, I'm sitting at Mom's desk knee-deep in the process of reformatting her computer when I hear, "Mom, your toast is burning." I didn't worry that much about it because I could always throw away the burnt pastries and start over.

Then I hear the tinge of panic in her voice as Heather says, "Ummm, they are on FIRE!!!"

I take off at a run and sure enough, there are flames within inches of the bottom of the cupboards. Heather was smart enough to avoid throwing water on an electrical fire (see, she really does pay attention to public service announcements!). Mom grabbed the baking soda and we quickly extinguished the flames.

Check out the pop tarts that were reincarnated into charcoal.

I had to use silicone potholders just to unplug the toaster because the plug had melted around the power strip. Meanwhile, the toaster is puffing away and filling the house with the putrid stench of burnt plastic. Ugh.

Unfortunately, the disgusting smell of burning plastic wasn't quite as easy to eradicate.

So, I guess when the experts say you should have a nice hot breakfast, this isn't quite what they had in mind.


  1. Since you were busy working, I hope your mama made herself useful and scrubbed the cupboards and walls. Burnt plastic is one of the stinkiest smells. I always thought you were a good cook but now, I'm beginning to wonder.

  2. Yes indeedy, my mommie dearest spent her day on a ladder with Spic-N-Span and a sponge trying to get rid of the smoke (and cobwebs).

    How'd I ever get lucky enough to have her in my life?

  3. You two are some of the strangest beings I know.

  4. All I have to say is that this is a SINFULLY waste of PopTarts.

    I love Poptarts. And I am offended that you let them catch fire.

    I can't believe you!

  5. Thanks just oh-so much for thanking the girl who screamed "FIRE!" ~_~