Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dying To Make My Girls Happy

Recently, my girls have become obsessed with wanting their hair to be dyed. We've been lightening Heather's dishwater-blond hair for a few years now, but suddenly, she wants to go burgundy, and her sister wants it, too.

Once they finally convinced me that it would be so cool to have burgundy "low lights" in their hair, I relented. Last night at midnight, I stuck a shower cap on each girl's head and started the slow process of pulling strands of hair through the cap with a crochet hook.

Over two hours later, we were finally ready for the dye. Yes, we really were dying hair at 2 o'clock in the morning. I'm just nuts that way.

After the final rinse, the girls ran to the bathroom to blow their locks dry and check out the new 'do.

Unfortunately, according to Heather, it was a "hair don't" rather than a "hair do." She was so upset because she couldn't see much of a difference at all. Well, yeah, it was supposed to be subtle. I thought it looked nice on both girls (forgot to take a picture of Beth), but admittedly, it should have had bigger streaks.

So, this morning, we did it all over again. Another 2 hours of crocheting my girls hair followed by more burgundy hair dye.

I could hear Heather's scream as she was drying her hair. This time, though, it was whoops of delight (at least in HER eyes). She thought it looked totally awesome. I thought it looked way, way too much. Beth's was just about right, but Heather's was just too goth. Heather, of course, was quick to point out that "nobody is goth, Mom. This is Emo." I stand corrected.

A few Emo pictures later, and here's what we've got.

Oh, and the underneath side of their hair is still natural, which is pretty funky when they bend over.


  1. You girls are so much fun!

    I love a new look. A girl needs that every once in a while, you know?

  2. I agree! :D i love it. i just can't wait to see what everyone thinks of it at school! You should convince my mom to let me dye it this way when my roots show! PLease and thank you!!!!!

  3. Actually it was me who said the emo comment. And you even quoted me wrong! I said "this color isn't goth, it's emo."
    You forgot to mention that this was my first time dying my hair, you made it sound like Heather and i are both dye-nuts... I am not. Heather, on the other hand...
    But, I was the one who suggested this color for the low lights. so, nyeh! :P