Friday, March 7, 2008

If I Strep For You, Will You Strep For Me

You know you're in trouble when you walk out of the doctor's office actually wishing that the diagnosis was strep throat.

Unfortunately, after a grotesquely enlarged Q-tip was swabbed halfway down my daughter's throat, followed by another one up her left nostril, it was determined that she does not have strep throat.

The diagnosis - mono.


In a month where she has a week of her high school's panic-inducing standardized tests, followed by a grade-busting AP History exam, and concluding with taking the ACT college entrance exam, now poor Beth has a debilitating virus that has turned my vibrant, hard-working teenager into a halitosis-festering lump of sweaty flesh.

The worst part is that there is apparently no treatment for mono (whereas if the diagnosis had been strep throat, a prescription of antibiotics would have had her back to normal (as evidenced by her fingers being glued to the keyboard and her ears eternally plugged by headphones) within a day or two. But since Mono is a virus, all we can do is wait it out for weeks or even months.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, no. There's nothing she can take to even make the virus more comfortable?

    If I remember, the best thing for mono is to rest, rest, rest...

    And I'm sure something can be arranged at the school, so Beth can take those tests when she's at 100%. Right?