Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Empty Pockets

For years, Ohioans have been waging a war with the local school districts. All over the state, the schools have been putting property tax assessments on the ballots to fund the schools.

The State has determined that this is unconstitutional.

The schools continue to do it.

Now with the incredible clusterfuck that has hit the economy for the past (ahem) 8 years, Ohioans have said enough. We're going to keep voting down these property taxes. Find another way to fund the schools, something that will be more fair than just hitting property owners.

My local school is a fantastic school. Indeed, it has earned an "excellent" rating the past several years. My kids have thrived.

My wallet, however, has not.

Last year they tried to put an "emergency" levy on the ballot which would cost $0.79 for every $100 valuation of your property. The citizens voted it down overwhelmingly.

Three months later, they held a special election just for that. Again, defeated.

Three months later, yet another special election, yet another defeat.

Now, again, three months later, they tried again.

And succeeded. I just did the math and it is going to cost me an extra $1,580 a year just for this damn extra school tax (on top of the "renewal levy" which was past last year that cost over $1,000 a year from me).

I'm livid. This is ridiculous. I'm being taxed out of my home. I pay my bills. I pay for the house. I pay for the new roof. The school just gets to reap the money.

I can't afford to keep my heat above 58 degrees at night. The school keeps their thermostats set at 70 around-the clock. Because they're spending MY money.


  1. Sell the house and move to Indiana!

  2. Andi - Better yet, I've got a big house. You leave La La Land and move to Dover. Your rent for the downstairs apartment should just about cover my School Tax bill each month!