Friday, September 12, 2008


Crap! Is it really 6:30 in the freakin' A M?? And I've already been moving around for a half an hour? Is this some sort of Twilight Zone episode?


It's just my pitiful attempt at school-time parental duties.

Mom's 65-year-old arthritic back finally said "Gimme a break!" and she's been flat on her back in a Vicodin-induced stupor for the last 24 hours. Which meant that I actually had to set three alarm clocks (one of them in the bathroom so I'd be forced to stumble bleary-eyed and bare-assed nekkid through the hallway to shut it off instead of just rolling over and hitting snooze) to make sure the girls make it to school with all of their clothing intact and the morning fuzz scrubbed away from their pearly whites.

So, here I am, ready to go to to work. Andi gave me the wag of her finger not too long ago for going two months between blog entries. I hang my head in shame (which puts my forehead perilously close to the desk which will inevitably be a precursor to a quick little 20-minute "desk nap" if I'm not careful). So here I am.



  1. Hehehehe, thank you mommie dearest!

  2. Bwa-hah-hah! Atta girl. Don't feel too badly, though. I know EXACTLY how low a blog post rates because mine have been right DOWN there for me lately. I get home from sitting in front a computer monitor all day and I kick my feet about having to spend more time in front of one...

    Maybe I need a laptop. One that won't set my thighs on fire, dammit.

    It's nice of you to haul the girl's bones out of bed. Oogie just hollared, then if we weren't up by the time SHE had to leave for work, she came and glared holes on our closed eyelids.

    Um, but that rarely didn't cross Oogie, no sirrebob.