Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Now that we live right across the street from the city park and tennis courts, suddenly Heather finds the need to put on make-up and do her hair BEFORE going out to mow the grass. Sometimes, she even dresses up for the occasion.

I'm not kidding you, she actually took off shorts and a t-shirt and put this on just to mow. I have a feeling there was a cute shirtless teenage boy across the street whacking tennis balls and she wanted to catch his attention. (She's cute enough, she could have done it in sweat pants!)

OK, as per Andi's request (from the comments section), here, I present Heather's infamous "Panda Hair."


  1. Too bad she didn't have her hair up in her new Panda Bear style! But, yes, my sister really does do this frequently. Hilarious.

  2. Ohhhhhh!




    But I totally, TOTALLY applaud Heather's sense of style. It's almost Goth. Maybe it IS Goth.

    In any case, mowing the lawn in a black shirt and skirt is much more interesting than the bikini and sneaker high-top route.

    Heather has style, D. She seems to know how to portray the image she wants seen.

    Can't fault her. She's blood of your blood, bone of your bone.

    (Oh. Me so glad I don't have kids.)

  3. Panda bear hair??

    What the frell is THAT?

  4. Panda bear hair is where i put 2 buns on my head(tehe!).
    And thank you for seeing how i think. Now just tell my mother to let me wear my make-up the way i want to.

  5. OMG! Panda bear hair is so cool! I love it.

    Heather, how do you want to wear your make up? I need a photo...

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