Sunday, February 3, 2008

From a Fan to a Fanny

One of the projects I've had on my self-imposed "honeydew list" (besides finding a honey to ask me to do things) is replace the ceiling fan in Beth's bedroom.

For the past year or so, if the fan was off (or on low or medium speeds), the lights would flicker like mad. Beth's room is scary enough, we didn't need to add the haunted house strobe light effect to make it worse. So, summer and winter, she'd run her fan at high speed just so she could have the lights on. We finally got around to fixing it.

Because I've apparently done some internal damage to my shoulder muscles/tendons recently, I struggle to have my arms above my head. No problem...Beth has a tallish boyfriend who could help.

I told him the good news - "Corey, guess what? You get to spend about an hour in Beth's room this weekend!" I neglected to tell him that the bad news was that Beth's Mom and Grandma would both be in there, too.

Indeed, Corey did the few things I asked, but most of the time, he just flopped on the Bed while I did what was needed and waited for my next request for help.

Just as I was finishing the last little task, Grandma happened to glance over and saw that Corey and Beth were flopped on the bed and Corey had his hand on Beth's butt so that his hand was actually cupping underneath. Grandma screamed at him. And I was appalled. If he did this while we were in the room, what the hell does he do while we're away?

Corey moved his hand and Beth laughed maniacally, but it was one of those laughs where you can tell she's really just covering up for that fact that she is uncomfortable.

Later, Beth said to me that she really was not happy about what he did, but Corey has a hard time accepting the word "no." Beth has a hard time being forceful about it. I don't think he's smart enough to understand that by making her uncomfortable, he's pushing her away, but I've been a teenage girl, and I know what she is feeling.

Corey's a nice kid. He adores Beth and she feels the same way toward him. But the fact that he's a 17-year-old boy who can only think about one thing drives me crazy. Get a life or at least get some interests other than my daughter's body!

Oh, and the ceiling fan? It buzzed wickedly after it was all put together. Drat. Later that night, I replaced the wall switch which operated the thing and all was fixed. That probably means the damn ceiling fan didn't need replaced in the first place...just the wall switch. Double Drat!


  1. I don't even let Paul touch my butt! And you really do need to stand up for yourself Beth. Teach Corey the word "NO". And just wondering, does he love you for your body or for you?

  2. D, you're so clever. I always enjoy reading what you have say. Always did. I'm glad you're blogging again.

    I hope Beth has a strong sense of self, even if she does have trouble saying no. If she's anything at all like her mother, I think she'll do just fine.

    I remember the first time I really had to say NO to a boy, and he didn't make it easy. Afterwards, he called me all kinds of names and was a total jerk. But you know what? That just made me realize more strongly that I'd made the right decision. I've never let any guy walk over me or mistreat me since, either. I know what I'm worth, I know what I deserve.